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This seems to me to fall into the “man bites dog” category of news stories.  I know tons of people who would like to punch Jose Mourinho.  Hell, for two pins I’d do it myself.  Well, probably not.  But if he gave me any lip, pow!  Right in the kisser.

I’m not sure he did it.  On the one hand, he’s an arrogant schmuck, and he thinks that rules don’t apply to him.  On the other, he’s an arrogant schmuck, and he doesn’t want to mess up his manicure.  Also, how?  Managers are always surrounded.  How does someone get into the Special One’s path?  Doesn’t he have a SpecialMobile or something?  Doesn’t that overcoat come with a forcefield of Specialness?

So Inter lost.  So what?  Inter loses all the time.  More importantly, sometimes, in sports, you don’t win.  You know what the correct response is?  You look in your fridge for some booze and then you end up drinking all of your friend’s Grey Goose by accident.  You don’t punch people.  Even if they are apocryphal.


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It is totally this exciting to be this cute.

It is totally this exciting to be this cute.

Get this.  Alexi Lalas has threatened Becks that, when he eventually (if ever) returns to LA Galaxy, he will be booed, for wanting to spend longer in a place that is not career- and soul-killing.

In the first place, nobody cares.  It’s broadly possible that actual Galaxy fans (all four of them) will be annoyed.  And perhaps all those people who started going to Galaxy games because Becks is famous, or hot, or whatever, will be sort of annoyed.  Anyone who actually likes the game of association football will not boo.

Also.  Mr. Lalas is totally delusional if he thinks that an MLS crowd’s booing will even register on Becks’s radar.  There is no possible way that every soccer fan in the United States booing at once can possibly compare to the months after the 1998 World Cup.

Cute, though.  Real cute.  Real classy.

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