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Now I, like many people, enjoy when sports are unpredictable.  I often root for underdogs.  I am not pleased that Sam Bradford has busted his shoulder, but the resultant shake-up does not bother me.  I love it when Notre Dame loses to Navy.  I jumped around a lot when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  And I wouldn’t cry if Xerez beat every team in La Liga.


Follow-through would be nice.  Robin Soderling beat Rafael Nadal in the French Open and then blew up so spectacularly in the final that I had to drink a bottle of champagne in three sets rather than five–that is to say, in an hour and a half at nine ack emma.

Mr. Soderling has now beaten Mr. Nadal again, at the ATP Tour Finals in London.  I know what you’re saying–if Mr. Nadal did not win, he did not deserve to.  You are correct.  I do not demand that everyone lie down and die so that Mr. Nadal may waltz through every tournament in straight sets.

I do demand that people who beat him go on to play well for the remainder of their matches, because what I mostly root for is tennis.  And on that score we may still be all right, as this tournament is a round robin and Mr. Nadal still has the chance to beat Nikolay Davydenko and Novak Djokovic (please, please, please).  But if I have to watch Roger Federer (or anyone else) hand Robin Soderling his own head on a platter one more time, I’m going to be furious.

Everyone looks super cute, though:

We are all so blasé and urbane.


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But.  Ho.  Ly.  Crap.



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