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That’s pretty much all I have to say.  Except that we here at NTSI very much hope he is well for the World Cup because otherwise disappointment.



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Yeah, he got booked for that.

I am sorry to  lower the journalistic tone of NTSI, but that photo is great, so we’re going to run with it.  And, look!  I am not talking about his hair.  Well, now I am.  But I’ll stop.

I am not overfond of Atlético Madrid.  They are less adorable than Mr. Forlán’s previous team (Villarreal), they are sort of under-dogs but not that appealing, and I cannot figure out why there is a bear on their crest.

Also they under-perform like it is their job.  Whereas it is not their job.  Their job is performing.  Under-performing merely allows the BBC commentators to mock you for losing to Xerez.  And they have a right.  Now, it is going too far to say that Atlético are a poor team, because after all they just won the Europa League, and they have produced many excellent shows this season.  They’re just not consistent.  Except that they might also win the Copa del Rey next week (on Mr. Forlán’s 31st birthday).  So, really, they’re just mystifying in the extreme.

But Diego Forlán is not mystifying, except to opposing goalkeepers.  He is just awesome.

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I hate the “midnight” green uniforms.  I didn’t grow up with them, they’re going to look really dated around, oh, yesterday, and they are mostly just terrible.  They don’t look real.

Well, finally, the front office have realized that a change might be nice–and that maybe the change we want is not necessarily one that makes us look like the Rams.  So, on September 12th, the Eagles will face the Packers, and they will wear kelly green.  Like football players.

Because this actually looks real. And not like a Heinlein novel.

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