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Sweet blazer, am I right?

They mostly get yelled at by players and fans, and their job is really not that easy.  They are also, as a rule, not that cute.

But Carlos Ramos is.  So, in the spirit of featuring an actually obscure sporting personage on this blog, as we said we would do, here he is.

He’s actually a pretty good umpire, as well.  I can’t remember a bad performance, at any rate, and I hold grudges.  He’s certainly more dashing than Pascal Maria, and carries those white shoes off with considerable panache.  (He may be slightly too short for the Roland Garros chairs, as one of the truly bizarre camera angles I’ve seen this tournament showed his feet, and they were dangling.  The shoes were still white, though, which on clay is impressive.)

And I think he’s pretty cute, although we can put it to a vote.


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