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Nice kits! From left: Fabian Cancellara, Fränk Schleck, Andy Schleck.

They are Leopard Trek!  And they are awesome!  And I really really hope they win the Tour this year, because who likes Contador?  (Shockingly, we still don’t.)

Here is Leopard Shleck’s (Am I the first to do that?  I hope so.) website.  Not a lot there, yet, but I’m sure there will be.  And maybe the official Twitter feed will be slightly more literate (if far less endearing) than those of the various members.

Nice scarves, too. Thanks, lads.

And because whyever not:

Certainly our and possibly THE favorite.


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He’s been rubbish with the bat this series, so perhaps in the near future he will cease to bring us joy as a Test cricketer for England.  For this reason, I am going to ride the excitement as long as possible.  Also, check out this vertical!


Collywobbles!  Sometimes they work!

Update: And he just caught Smith off Jimmy Anderson, so it’s party time again!  Hooray, Colly!  Figure out how to bat again, please!

Also, dear Aussie cricket commentators: “début” is not pronounced “daboo.”  Please correct.

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No wonder Nadal is so full of joy.


Does it hurt to be this cute all the time?  Is that what’s wrong with Rafa’s knees?  Can any of you wait until they’re both old and show up to tournaments and make fun of how the new kids are all wimps and bad at tennis?  Because I can’t.  It’s going to be fantastic.  It’ll be like Ian McKellen and Peter O’Toole, only with fewer cigarettes, and slightly more daring clothes.

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The Schlecks are still awesome.

There’s no content here, just a cute photo.  Team presentation soon, and Fränk seems excited about the kit, so that should be interesting….

Fränk is über-suave.

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Seriously, look at this photo:

I hope he didn't bite this one; that looks like it could end badly.

He looks that happy after beating Roger Federer in a quite meaningless match in Abu Dhabi.  Which is like looking happy after taking out the trash.  If your cordial nemesis was also taking out the trash, but you did it better.  And it maybe wasn’t even your trash, but you figured you’d do it, just for kicks.  And then someone gave you a spittoon?  And you were just thrilled.

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