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Mike Martz is a lunatic.

So apparently there’s been this whole kerfuffle about the last four seconds of the Niners-Cardinals game on Monday.  Mike Martz is complaining that he got a raw deal or something.  Yeah, okay, whatever.

I might be more sympathetic, if, at any point in his NFL coaching career, Mike Martz had been anything other than totally bat-poo insane.  I remember watching so many games with the Rams, and going “Wait, what?”  Sometimes scorching success would result from all the crazy.  In fact, for a while it did fairly consistently (we called it “The Greatest Show on Turf”), so people were all on the “Mike Martz is someone I might not run away from if I met him at a party” train.

And then the wheels started to fall off, and the Rams weren’t very good anymore.  His health took a turn for the worse, which was very sad, but he improved again and was able to work with the Lions.

Shockingly, trying to run a madcap offense of insanity did not work in Detroit.  Even Jon Kitna gets sick of being hung out to dry.  So it was good-bye, Detroit, hellooooo San Francisco!  Because when you have a plethora of young and not very good quarterbacks, and no offense to speak of, what you really want is a wacky old man who will be really wacky all the time and write a wacky offense.  And then be angry when it doesn’t work.  Yeah.  That’s what the Niners really need.  That is working out so well.

The man is crazy, people.  Yes, he can be a total genius.  The line is a fine one.  Unfortunately, he passed the ball beyond it some time ago on a wacky play of wackiness.

Not Mike Martz.  There are no cute Niners any more.

Not Mike Martz. There are no cute Niners any more.


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