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Nice kits! From left: Fabian Cancellara, Fränk Schleck, Andy Schleck.

They are Leopard Trek!  And they are awesome!  And I really really hope they win the Tour this year, because who likes Contador?  (Shockingly, we still don’t.)

Here is Leopard Shleck’s (Am I the first to do that?  I hope so.) website.  Not a lot there, yet, but I’m sure there will be.  And maybe the official Twitter feed will be slightly more literate (if far less endearing) than those of the various members.

Nice scarves, too. Thanks, lads.

And because whyever not:

Certainly our and possibly THE favorite.


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AND good hands? Crikey.

But whatever, it’s bowl season.  This is totally appropriate.  It is a mark of how little college football I watch that I haven’t noticed this earlier; sorry, I can only give up one day of my weekend for American football.  Maybe it should be Saturday, but right now it’s Sunday, so tough darts, Oregon Ducks and your totally hot wide receiver corps, particularly in the person of Jeff Maehl.

Also, boo to the Oregon football website for having a totally misleading and unattractive photo on their roster page; a friend suggested that “cute Oregon player” would be Jeff Maehl, and I said “ew, no” and spent another fruitless half hour trawling through roster pages, because in fact I wasn’t sure if this guy was an Oregon player at all, maybe Stanford, and maybe someone from the Rose Bowl teams this year, but maybe also OSU from last year…  These are the perils of watching SportsCenter out of the corner of your eye with the sound off.  You will waste everyone’s time.  But at least we found him eventually!  And he is super cute.

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Cancellara is joining Team Schleck!  No, we’re not surprised, but we are thrilled, and Alberto Contador can go jump in a lake.

Adorable, right? And that's not even a very good picture.

Pretty much the cutest story I’ve ever heard about cycling is when Mr. Cancellara took the Schlecks around the Annecy time trial course and tried to point out to them how best to attack it.  And then they were still bad.  But somehow that made it even cuter.

So here’s to more success!  And being cute.  And not being able to spell.

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That’s pretty much all I have to say.  Except that we here at NTSI very much hope he is well for the World Cup because otherwise disappointment.


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Denver just blew it.

If by “it” I mean “their chances at having the hottest qb corps of all time.”  Seriously, you bring Brady Quinn into town only to ditch Chris Simms the next day?  Someone in your front office is obviously making decisions based on things other than aesthetic pleasures.  What is up with that?

To review:


Also hot.

You could have had both of these.  In the same city.  On the same bench!

Ah, I see the problem.  Denver would have exploded from the sheer intensity of gorgeousness.  And that, my friends, is a scenario we save for Tom Clancy novels.  If Tom Clancy wrote novels about gorgeous bombs instead of nuclear ones.

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But.  Ho.  Ly.  Crap.



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Look at those guns.

Look at those guns.

Fortunately for NTSI, male attractiveness tends to correlate pretty highly with sporting talent.  Cristiano Ronaldo is good-looking, Grady Sizemore is cute, Roger Federer is handsome, and I don’t think anyone is going to kick Jason Taylor out of bed (five years ago, anyway).

This is not the case, for whatever reason, in women’s sports.  Your nice-looking female athletes–Mia Hamm or Maria Sharapova–are the exceptions, and even they tend not to be transcendently gorgeous.  So, in women’s sports, unlike in men’s, we have the phenomenon of a double track: talent, and looks.  It’s sexist and awful and it’s mostly why you know Anna Kournikova’s name.

So Kit and I were trying to figure out if there were an equivalent in men’s sports.  But David Beckham is actually good at soccer, and Stuart Broad is a fine bowler, and Chase Utley turns a mean double play.  We couldn’t think of anyone who was inordinately more famous for looks than for talent (yes, you could make an argument with Becks, but he’s a severe outlier and, importantly, was a truly great footballer in his prime).

And, admittedly, Brady Quinn is not primarily famous for his looks.  He’s primarily famous for having gone to Notre Dame.  And he’s not terrible.  On a real team he might be all right.  But he is also…not good.  And he is supremely hunky.  So he’s the best we can do.

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