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So, as you may have noticed, the Philadelphia Phillies were in the NLCS for three years in a row.  Twice they made it to the World Series, which they won once.  This year they lost to the eventual champions.  These are, by any standards, fairly good outcomes for a baseball season.  When all your friends are Pirates fans, it makes you a jerk when you are disappointed that the Phillies didn’t win the pennant again.

Except: this is ridiculous.  I suffered through years of Joe Carter, mediocrity, and the Braves so that I must root for the Giants in self-flagellation?  I should wish the Phillies were worse so that my status as a fan is somehow more authentic?

Sure, I shouldn’t swank about going, “Hey, you know who’s great?  The Philadelphia Phillies.  Are the Pirates even in the majors?  Your life is a pathetic wasteland.”  That would make me a jerk.

But I refuse to throw away my moments in the sun, and I reserve the right to be disappointed when my teams don’t win championships, because it would be nicer if they did.  And that’s why I like sports.

Yeah, lamest non-brawl ever.

I feel more like Sad Chase Utley than Hit By Pitch Chase Utley, but there is a surprising dearth of Sad Chase Utley photos.  Especially because he was on my television screen all the time, and Sad Chase Utley is sad.


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It is okay to like sports.

Clearly this is preaching to the choir, but I know way too many people who are sanctimonious about not liking sports.  It’s okay with me if you don’t like sports.  Don’t call me on Sundays, but otherwise we’re cool.

No, there’s no reason to like sports.  Yes, clearly it’s a tribal impulse that I’m so sure that enlightened people should have eradicated.  Yes, a lot of athletes are stupid and they make a lot of money and this seems like lousy resource allocation.  Yes, people get horribly injured for what is, on a grand scale, no reason.

But.  It’s a lot of fun to watch.  Going to the ballpark on a hot summer day, going to a football game on a crisp autumn afternoon, even just sitting inside on a freezing winter Saturday and drinking cocoa with a bowl on the TV–it’s social and engaging and unpredictable.  Is it worse than going to see, say, Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer?  Talk about bad resource allocation.

And athletes are good at what they do.  It’s nice to see skill on display.  They’re fast, or they’re clever, or they can throw really far…

Also?  Peyton Manning.

Yelling, but in a cute, smart way.

Yelling, but in a cute, smart way.

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