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Apparently he wants a shorter ban.

I recommend not being a scuzbucket, sir.  Usually works.  You don’t do something scuzzy and probably illegal, you don’t get suspended.  Not assaulting someone for a couple of months on the trot is not grounds for leniency.

It’s not often I agree with Terry Bradshaw, but he’s right in this case.  Mr. Roethlisberger’s behavior was completely inexcusable, and backing off on the punishment will imply to future NFL scuzbuckets that such behavior will lack retribution.  They already get away with a lot; we shouldn’t encourage them.


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And now, for former Notre Dame quarterbacks (season’s over, no bowl) who are NOT cute, we present Mr. My Own Fans Like Punching Me in the Face:

Seriously, who styled that hair?

Sorry for ruining your most recent meal, but I couldn’t see that photo and not pass it on.  If only to share the gut-wrenching horror.

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In fact, he’s most of the reason this blog exists.  I think he’s a misogynist man-child.  Also I hate Boston sports.

But you know why I really hate Bill Simmons?  He has apparently wussed out of writing the supposedly inevitable “Actually, the Red Sox are not the Second Coming” column.  Instead, he has chosen to tell us why he loves sports.  And he doesn’t even have the decency not to be smug.

I was so looking forward to mocking his pain.  I was so looking forward to pointing out that his team got steamed by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who are still in their acne-ridden, squeaky-voiced years and can’t even stand up to daddy enough to keep their totally legitimate zoological name (PS I like the Rays, actually.  I think they’re scrappy and adorable.  But they’re not exactly a powerhouse tradition.).  I was so looking forward to his crying like a little girl because sporting Everest has already happened but he can’t keep it.

But he denied me that pleasure.  Well, screw him, I’m starting a “schadenfreude” tag anyway.

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